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                                 This is me..

torgny.se = Torgny Bergström
graduate forester (Swedish College of Forestry), living and working in Jönköping, Sweden. A wonderful place!
Married to Britta who is a high school teacher.
Work experience
Sydved AB timber transports and logistics
Svenska Skogsplantor AB (Swedish Forest Plants) Seeds for forestry, seed orchards, seed production and small frame computer/network.
National Board of Forestry. Responsible for forestry seed provision at national level.
SIDA/SAREC Fact-finding-mission in Somali. Use, cultivation and distribution of the frankincense tree (Boswellia sp).
National Board Forestry, in charge of information and editor of the periodical “Skogseko”.
FAO, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the  United Nations.  Brazil, Amazonas. Associate expert, logging and transport in tropical rain forest
FAO, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. Somali, Hargeisa/Erigavo. Associate expert, forest inventory, forest nursery and reforestation. Propagation of frankincense tree (Boswellia sp.).
SR, Swedish Broadcasting Cooperation,  Sundsvall. Reporter, editor for regional news, “XYZ-Nytt”.
National College of Forestry, dptm. of Reforestation. Assistant researcher. High altitude plantation of pine. Impact of herbicides on forest berries.
Silviculture and use of Abies Alba at Omberg,  Pinus contorta plantations in northern Värmland, trials inventory. (during my study years). 
National Board of forestry in Karlstad. Foreman for forestry relief works.
Professional experience
IT-responsible and system operator of the Swedish Forest Plants WAN, LAN (from south to north of Sweden ), PC:s and small-frame computer system (AS400).
Build-up of Swedish Forest Plants network, from cabling over configuration of routers PC:s and printers to installation of server- and client program in AS400, TCP/IP systems..
System operator of ASW business system and users.
Market analysis and evaluation of Customer-Relation-Management system for integration with ASW
Introduction, installation and operation of Lotus Domino/Notes.
COBOL, programming of routines for mapping and Textruta: Organizing and designing databases (MS Access) for tree/clone data in forest seed orchards
Organizing and designing database (MS Access) of  trial/research data concerning spruce cuttings clones, 1976-1984 selection.

Logistics. Planning and coordination of timber transports in south-east parts of Sweden (Småland o Blekinge) after the cyclone "Per". 
Logistics. Improvement of the “Log Transport Process”. Inventory of the transport chain and proposals for improvements. 
Responsible for provision of forestry seed on national basis. Planning, budgeting and use
Responsible for establishment of new seed orchards. Planning and dimensioning of new seed orchards on national level.
Responsible for management of existing seed orchards. Hands-on-experience! Everything from selection of material, over grafting/planting, to harvesting:
-Establishment (project management, budgeting, planting)
-Pollen measurements
-Genetical thinning
Growth rhythm studies of south Swedish spruce provenances. Design, establishment, inventory and processing of measurements.
Seed extraction and seed treatment. From cones to plastic bagged seed.
Foreman for forestry relief works as sowing, planting, clearing-thinning, thinning and landscaping work.

Media, information
Responsible for information at the National Board of Forestry (8 years). Professional contacts (internal and external), media contacts, press releases etc.
Editor/reporter/photographer/layouter of the National Board of Forestry’s periodical “Skogseko”.
Forestry in education (Skogen i Skolan). The National board of Forestry’s counterpart in a project informing teachers about forestry, forest products and forest industry.
College of Forestry, Sweden 1968-1972. Forester, maining in silviculture and biological subjects.
College of journalism, Stockholm 1972, informatörsutbildning 20p
Officer in the army reserve 1968.
Driving license. Motorcycle, car, heavy truck with trailer.
Forklift license.

Swedish (native language)
English, spoken, written. Used as working language for two years during my work for the FAO
German, spoken, written, but it was some time since 
Portuguese, some understanding
Textruta: Torgny Bergström, 036-12 15 73, torgny.bergstrom@telia.com

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